Jen is a self – taught artist who grew up in the small town of Walworth Wisconsin, where her need for creative release began.  Her first experience as an artist was when her Aunt sent a book that interested Jen. It was a book full of tutorials that taught Jen to learn how to draw flowers. It was then she began her journey as a self – taught artist.

Her experience as an artist begins with love.  She was driven to become creative on an emotional level when she met a boy named Tim at the young age of 13. She struggled with circumstances in her life, and fell into an invisible depression. A depression that only she kept to herself… that is until she met Tim and the creative arts found her. Combined,  gave her the drive she needed to use art as an emotional release. He had ignited a spark inside of her and it never left her. So she is forever grateful for him and the inspiration he had unknowingly given her. Presently he supports her in her artistic endeavors and she is forever grateful for him. She is thankful to be guided back home, because you know, home is where the heart is. 😉

Fast forward about 20 years later, she randomly began sharing her work on social media. To her surprise many saw the value in her work and enjoyed it, which gave Jen much encouragement to keep going. She allows art to heal by allowing her emotions to flow from her soul to the canvas. Her Aunt also guided her to research and expand her knowledge and Jen achieved her certification in Therapeutic Arts, and wants to help others to use art as a form of therapy as well.

Art saved her by carrying her through her darkest moments throughout her life to present day.  It formed into a type of therapy for her. She believes she was born to do this, and did not choose art. She did not choose to be the emotionally intelligent being that she is.   She has learned from life experience, trial and error are her friends, on and off of the canvas. The emotions within her and Bob ross are her teachers.

Jen wants to continue on with her mission, to allow art to help her heal and express herself and in turn help others to do the same. She has had her art work displayed at the Southern Illinois Mercantile in Marion, Illinois. She has displayed her work as the featured artist at the Carbondale Library in Carbondale IL, and currently has her art work displayed at the RA Coffee House in Goose Creek South Carolina. She presently resides in Goose Creek and is part of the RA Coffee Company team!